John Scerri shares his Creative Student Showcase success!
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Just weeks before The Creative Student Showcase, Skydiver John Scerri and ICE Malta student had described Maya as follows:  ‘you can create everything that you imagine in your head and still, that’s not the best part… the best part is that you can give it life! and that’s something awesome!’  today, after a nail biting awards session and his work night shift John popped over to ICE Malta to meet the team and share his initial views about Malta’s Creative Student Showcase 2013 and his recent success.  

ICE Malta: Tell us, what was your initial reaction when our director of studies announced your name? 

JS: I was simply astonished and couldn’t believe it. Every one worked hard on this project therefore it was really a surprise cause I couldn’t tell who would be the top 2 because there were several projects that I actually liked. Even the judges said that it was a very hard decision to make. 

ICE Malta: Yesterday you had the opportunity to meet high profile guests, industry leaders and judges and explain your project. What comments did you get? 

JS: They liked the detail in the models and the accuracy of the hornet  (In terms that it could close the wings, move the claws, roll up it legs and could be easily animated without distorting the mesh) They also liked that it was done entirely using Maya and that I also included sound effects in the animation. One particular judge was really excited to see how I synchronized the sound of the leg hitting the plane during the animation.

ICE Malta:  As one of ICE Malta’s two top winners, please share a message directed to students who are interested in furthering their studies in the creative industry.

JS: Our class was simply amazing! We had a great time together and helped each other out. Learning such great tools widens your horizons in different directions and the possibilities in this industry are limited only by your imagination

John’s show-reel and award winning work can be viewed HERE 

John Scerri, One of ICE Malta’s Creative student showcase top two receiving the trophy designed especially for this occasional by Mdina Glass