ICE DAYS now launched

A term created by ICE Malta:-  a day or series of days when the ICE Malta team gives students the opportunity to give themselves the edge, win, benefit; a discounted career kick start; a limited period were you benefit from the most attractive study offers – only if you’re quick enough.

As part of the marketing campaign for the 2013 semester the ICE Malta creative division has launched ICE Days, a sub-brand which is the umbrella for all discounts, promotional offers and competitions launched by the institute. ‘As one of Malta’s most recognized educational institutions we believe we should gather all our offers, promotional schemes and competitions under one brand  rather then launch a normal % off sale style promotional campaign. At the end of the day we are an institution – an educational entity which people trust, so all our campaigns should be part of a concept which has developed through a thinking process and not just a random advert or discount scheme. This is part of the brand building process we are currently developing – ‘ Nikolai Sammut, principal of ICE Malta explained.

The first series of ICE days will kick off on