ICE Malta launches an ICT blog

As part of ICE Malta’s commitment to continue to encourage students to embark on a career in ICT while bring together all the major ICT players to work closely together and hence create a holistic campaign promoting our islands as the hub of ICT excellence, the ICE Malta team together with the Malta Economic Update have launched an ICT blog. 

The aim of the blog is share ideas, thoughts, concepts and truly work on our island’s 2020 vision to position ourselves as the ‘smart islands’ we have been referred to in the past. Apart from this being an opportunity to reach out to students, academics and commercial entities and propose projects which are beneficial for all parties concerned, the blog will also showcase funding opportunities available and events which Malta can take part of and benefit from. We are dedicating the ICT blog to individuals who have a passion for ICT and have been on the forefront to promote technology on our islands. This platform is also meant to be a brainstorming arena for top creatives to propose ideas and develop concepts which might be groundbreaking for our island. Some of the world’s prestigious brands such as Microsoft, CISCO, Autodesk, Adobe to mention a few will also be asked to contribute guest posts and share their plans for the upcoming terms. We look forward to giving the general public a clear confirmation of the potential this industry has in our islands’ Nikolai Sammut, principal of ICE Malta explained.

Various members of the ICE Malta team will be posting their thoughts on ICT in business, the creative ICT industry, the gift of ICT education and how this should be intensified while a number of guests will be asked to send in their blog posts and also contribute their ideas. Visit HERE to view the ICE Blog.

Special thanks to the Malta Economic Update for this collaboration.