ICE Malta’s Summer Pre Enrolment campaign now launched

The ICE Malta Summer Semester kicks off today with the launch of the institute’s new social media advert video ‘Like us only if you mean it‘, the pre enrolment campaign for Summer 2014 and a number of complimentary workshops for prospective students.

‘The Summer Semester is always the busiest time of the year for the ICE Malta Admissions Team. Apart from our part time evening courses the institute also offers part time study programmes in the morning and afternoon for children between the ages of 8 and 12, young teens between the ages of 13 and 17 as well as adults. This year’s timetable features study programmes by educational partners Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, LPI, The Digital Marketing Institute and Adobe as well as an exclusive study programme designed exclusively for Educators, Android Application Development based on the latest OS, all Adobe worldwide recognised certifications updated from CS6 to CC. Summer 2014 is an excellent opportunity for students attending MCAST, University of Malta and other institute’s to dedicate some of their time to achieve world wide recognized certifications which will truly give their career a kick start and give them the edge they need to achieve their career aspirations’ 

Due to the ICE Malta’s small classroom philosophy, every academic term, the institute launches a pre enrolment campaign so that prospective students can pre enrol for their preferred study programme. As ICE Malta High Priority students, they are given the first opportunity to confirm their enrolment for their selected semester. ‘Early enrolment is essential for every Semester, Summer – in particular especially this Semester as the majority of study programmes at ICE Malta will entitle students to a 70% of their course fees back. Summer is the semester when most students and prospective job candidates brush up their IT Skills, achieve worldwide recognised certifications, young teens enrol for Summer study programmes for their Informal Training required for their school leaving certificates, past students continue their study paths and adults continue to strengthen their CV’

Prospective Students are encouraged to get in touch with the ICE Malta Admissions team on or call 21467787 to confirm pre enrolment for the Summer 2014 semester. Alternatively here’s your ‘Fast Track to Summer’ – fill in the details below and our team will get in touch!

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It’s going to be an ICE Malta summer!