ICE Malta’s Success Story in collaboration with

The ICE Malta October Semester marketing campaign celebrates investment in staff training made by a substantial amount of local and foreign companies based in the Maltese islands, companies who work with the ICE Malta Academic team to design ICT training for their staff. ‘Training not only motivates a team yet ensures that employees are more efficient and effective at their work place. Thanks to the ICE Malta Cisco Study programme and our collaboration with, Christopher Demicoli has won this year’s National Cisco NetRiders 2014 Competition. Following last year’s success, where ICE Malta student Ryan Chetcuti placed first in Europe and forth in the world, our ICE Malta Cisco Educators are now mentoring Christopher to also prepare him for the prestigious international competition which will be held in October in Milan. We continue to encourage other leading brands to invest in their staff and support their team in these initiatives’ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta director.

Mike Broughton CTO commented ‘We strive to hire technical staff with a passion for innovation and interest in new developments and programming paradigms.  We firmly believe that motivated staff will help us deliver the best in products, design and services. Guts provides its personnel with tools and resources to explore the newest trends and technologies, and it supports the employees’ personal growth aspirations by actively pushing their boundaries, including contributing to external training programmes. So far the freedom of taking a day off of a week (where situations allow) for personal development and attending the external courses has proven to be very beneficial for Guts. Many great ideas and technical solutions have arisen in these ‘melting pot’ sessions and have woven their way into the core fabric of the Guts code base’
 ‘This real life story clearly shows the importance of investing in ICT training and encouraging employees to attend ICE Malta study programmes. We’re committed to ensure that companies are given the opportunity to enjoy our ISO certified study experience’  Mr Sammut concluded. 

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