ICE Malta’s new mascot! Meet Droid.

As part of ICE Malta’s CSR policy for 2013/2014, the team has launched a number of collaborations with NGOs as well as confirmed sponsorship agreements for charity and sporting events including the sponsorship of Malta’s National Rugby Team as well as the title sponsorship of ZAK Malta’s 72hour marathon in September. ‘We’ve had some great milestones and initiatives launched during this scholastic year and we are pleased to welcome many new students to our institute and confirm new ICT certifications. During the third quarter we will be launching further initiatives, study programmes as well as funding opportunities for individuals interested to embark on a career in ICT as well as enjoy a unique study experience. As one of the island’s leading ICT educational entities, we recognize the importance of CSR and giving back to our community, and we will continue to support good causes and projects not just financially, but also through the power of our online marketing and our constant direct communication with our students’ Nikolai Sammut director of ICE Malta explained.  

Following a number of talks with the SPCA team, ICE Malta are now welcoming a new ICE member, this time round the four legged kind. ‘We will be launching an SPCA supported design competition for our creative students in the coming weeks with the aim of creating visuals and artistic work to encourage more companies and schools to sponsor dogs and cats presently at SPCA. We feel that this is a great opportunity for groups, companies and families who might not be able to have a pet at home or at their work place, to share their love for animals and to support this hard working NGO. We will practice what we preach and will be the first to sponsor one of SPCA’s dogs as part of this year’s ICE Malta CSR policy and lead by example‘ Mr Sammut continued.

‘We are very excited to be collaborating with ICE Malta through Sponsor a Dog (or a Cat!) campaign.  Strega has been part of the SPCA family for the past 8years, it is important for us to create a safe and healthy environment at the Home. SPCA provides all animals with basic needs, love, care and training which would prepare them for their new loving homes. ICE Malta is not only sponsoring our mission, but also encouraging others to do the same.  Corporate sponsoring gives excellent benefits for companies and their staff.  Their passion towards this project surely puts a smile on all our volunteer’s faces who give so much of their time and energy. We look forward to working with the students to further develop our campaign with their creative mind’  Danica Falzon Fundraising Officer – SPCA Malta
So without further delay, here’s ICE Malta’s new mascot! Meet Strega,  affectionately called ‘Droid’ by the ICE Malta team, tutors and students. Through the ICE Malta sponsorship we will guarantee that Strega is well taken care of.  Strega (a.k.a Droid) will be featured in a number of ICE Malta’s marketing campaigns later on during the year. ‘We encourage companies, schools, groups and families to give their yearly donation and give their support. In the meanwhile all our creative Summer Semester students will be given details of an ICE Cool design competition which will give them the chance of winning great prizes and continue to build their portfolio’ Nikolai concluded
Find our more how to support SPCA by visiting,  find us on facebook SPCA Malta. PAWS 4 a Cause – SPCA – Malta or get in touch with us  [email protected]

ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead. 

Strega (a.k.a Droid) - ICE Malta's mascot

Strega (a.k.a Droid) – ICE Malta’s mascot