ICE Malta’s Briefing Session – Study what you love
The ICE Malta Academic team will be dedicating the last October Briefing Session to some of the most popular study programmes. ‘During these last weeks we’ve welcomed prospective students to ICE Malta for Briefing Sessions and we’ve introduced them to industry leaders, shared the importance of worldwide recognised certifications and designed study paths leading to careers students aspire to achieve.This Briefing Session is dedicated to celebrating our ongoing message ‘Study what you love’. Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Director explained
This is the perfect Briefing Session for prospective students who are settled in their careers, but would like to get back into school mode and study a subject they actually enjoy. The ICE Malta Academic team will be showing some of our past students’ portfolio for 3D Studio Max, Graphic DesignWebsite Design, Digital Marketing and sharing details about our ISO Certified Study Experience. This Briefing Session celebrates lifelong learning, education for personal development, practical learning giving individuals the opportunity to improve skillset, knowledge and just have fun.
Registration may be completed in the form below. Prospective students are also invited to get in touch with the ICE Malta Admissions team on email 21467787 or email [email protected] for further details.