ICE Malta titled Innovative Entrepreneurs 2013

…. and the final seconds before the winners were announced seemed like a couple of centuries for all the nominees of this year’s edition of the Top Entrepreneurs 2013 – well most of the nominees that is! This is true description of what was happening just a couple of minutes ago during the Top Entrepreneur 2013 Gala dinner at the Westin Dragonara.

The host announced the category ‘Innovative Entrepreneurs 2013‘. Family and friends at the ICE Malta team were biting their nails, quite excited.  The host continues, ‘and the winners in the Innovative Entrepreneurs Category’, well  picture it –  a long drumroll .. then a pause….  ‘James Abela & Matthew Sammut, ICE Malta’ he said, and the ICE Malta duo kept smiling and sipping their drinks, grinning and fixing their bowties, only until they both suddenly realized that the cameras were on their table! Matthew looked at James, (‘ahna?’) and guests started applauding while the ICE Malta duo were escorted on stage to accept their prize.  This is just a fraction of the excitement the ICE Malta team have been experiencing just a couple of minutes ago! 

We’ll be posting a video clip of James and Matthew’s acceptance speech and lots of photos soon so keep following our social media! In the meanwhile, thanks to all of our tutors, students, corporate clients, partners and team who show so much support and voted for the ICE Malta team! Thanks to the judges and the organizing committee for this title which is definitely going to be one of ICE Malta’s milestones for 2013 and a great chapter in the ICE Malta history book! Let’s celebrate!