ICE Malta strives to reach industry’s demand.

EU’s statistics office Eurostat confirms that an astounding 98% of individuals who study ICT in Malta are presently employed within the ICT sector. These results secure Malta’s spot at the top of the EU charts, positioning our islands comfortably as the leading EU country in terms of employment of students who complete study programmes in ICT.

Eurostat’s results confirm that ICT skills are high in-demand and anyone who embarks on an ICE Malta study programme in code, creative, technical or productivity study paths may practically assume that they have guaranteed employment. Our role as a leading ICT Academy in the Maltese islands is to ensure that Malta’s ICT students are industry-ready and gain the practical hands-on skills, knowledge and expertise to not only get hand-picked for a career opportunity but to be able to deliver from day one of their employment and be a true asset to a company from the get-go. – Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Co-Founder.

Enrolment for ICE Malta’s Summer 2017 Semester is now open. Due to the school’s small classroom philosophy a maximum of 16/18 students are accepted for each class and therefore early enrolment is recommended.

We’re committed to reach the industry’s demand so we’ve launched an Easy Payment Scheme which gives students the opportunity to schedule monthly interest free fees and benefit from 70% of their course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme. – Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Co-Founder.

ICT is the world’s fastest growing industry and ICE Malta alumni are thriving and quickly climbing the career ladder and achieving their aspirations. Year after year, ICE Malta students win local and international competitions such as the annual Cisco NetRiders Competition which continues to show the power of the ICE Malta Study Experience.



Prospective students for the Summer 2017 Semester may complete their enrolment online here. Alternatively, individuals are invited to get in touch with ICE Malta’s Admissions Team to organize a meeting to discuss their study path in more detail.


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