ICE Malta launches new commercial collaborations

As part of ICE Malta’s marketing endeavors for the February 2013 semester the leading ICT institute, has teamed up with two of Malta’s market leaders in their respective industries to share the ICE Malta Semester timetable as well as give details of the island’s first LEARN & WIN competition for 2013.

‘Marketing is an investment and we have dedicated a healthy budget for online, print, radio and TV advertising promoting our 2013 Semester timetable. Part of our marketing mix also includes direct communication with our students, participation in events and workshops as well as collaborations with leading entities who distribute our promotional material to their loyal customers. We consider this to be an essential part of our marketing outreach program which enables us to reach a new audience and benefit from the loyalty these people already have with our chosen partners’ Nikolai Sammut, principal of ICE Malta explains.

ICE Malta’s promotional material is presently being distributed from both SCAN Malta outlets in Iklin and Marsa as well as PAVI Shopping Complex. In the case of our partnership with SCAN we were looking for an industry leader which is in constant touch with ICT enthusiasts. We believe SCAN has become one of Malta’s leading ICT hubs on the islands. As regards to PAVI Shopping Complex, we are proud of this collaboration in particular, as it gives us an opportunity to continue to encourage people from all walks of life and of different ages to invest in knowledge and enhance their CV, whilst also allows us to continue to communicate with parents who are regular clients of this supermarket.  ‘Both commercial entities immediately accepted our request and have shown great support and we are looking forward to working on other effective collaborations in the near future ’ Nikolai Sammut continued to explain.

 ‘Similar to ICE Malta, we believe that education is an investment and we want our clients to be constantly kept up to date with news from one of the leading institutes on the island. Sharing educational content and encouraging our clients to invest in their knowledge as well as their children’s further education, is part of our corporate social responsibility and we feel that we must continue to associate our recognized brand with educational institutions and use our influence to encourage a  constant investment in knowledge.’ Alfred Grech, CEO of PAVI Shopping Complex explained.

Make sure to collect the official ICE Malta timetable which includes details of Malta’s first travel competition for 2013 – LEARN & WIN where one student and a friend will win an all expense paid trip to London to watch international star Rihanna live courtesy of Plus Travel and powered by XFM