ICE Malta launches a series of complimentary workshops for ICT enthusiasts

As part of the ICE Malta’s CSR Programme for the 2014/2015 academic year, together with prestigious educational partners Adobe, Autodesk, Linux, Microsoft & Cisco, the institute has launched a series of complimentary workshops and seminars for ICT students, employees and tech enthusiasts. ‘In the fast evolving world of ICT, individuals have to find time to keep up to date with new developments and technologies to ensure success, efficiency and profitably for the company they represent. As a leading ICT institute in the Maltese islands representing some of the most prestigious worldwide recognized educational partners, we are committed to giving the general public the opportunity to attend informative workshops & tech networking events at no cost. We believe this is our investment in the future of ICT in the Maltese islands and will help position our islands to be a true hub of ICT excellence and prepare the next generation of ICT workers to fill the must-have skills of the future.Mr Sammut explained.

The institute has teamed up with the Malta Linux User Group and SmartCity Malta to host the first in a series of complimentary workshops. The first session: ‘An introduction to Juju’ by William Reade will be held on Saturday 18th January 2013 at 1.00pm at SmartCity Malta. ‘As accredited Linux Professional Institute training partners, ‘ICE Malta has a fundamental interest in championing workforce development initiatives for Linux and Open Source professionals. We’re proud to be partners of the local Linux community and we are also eager to welcome our first group of Linux students joining us for the February 2014 semester’. The first workshop is recommended for IT employees of various levels, students and tech enthusiasts who would like to learn more about this fascinating tool. Interested guests are requested to fill in the workshop registration form HERE. Limited space available.


‘An Introduction to Juju’

Juju is a service orchestration tool that allows you to deploy a wide range of workloads onto public clouds, private clouds, or bare metal; it’s probably the easiest way to deploy anything from a scalable WordPress blog to a highly-available Openstack cluster. Individual software services are encapsulated into reusable “charms” that define how to deploy and scale the service, and how it can be connected to others; Juju itself is a distributed system responsible for coordinating and connecting these services as directed by the user.

The Speaker

William Reade has spent most of his career writing software for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, primarily in C, C++, Python, and Go. These days he works for Canonical, as technical lead for the juju-core project, which involves much less actual programming than one might expect.

Linux Professional Institute’s Regional Enablement Initiative’ focuses on identifying the best partner organisations and educational institutes in regions around the globe that are best suited for the task of promoting Linux Professionalism

ICE Malta, a leading ICT institute in the Maltese islands, welcomes local & international students to achieve worldwide recognised certifications by Adobe, Autodesk, LPI, The Digital Marketing Institute, Cisco, Microsoft amongst other prestigious brands.


Keynote Speaker