ICE Malta introduces an ICT Training Unit for local businesses

During ICE Malta’s corporate event hosted at the Westin Dragonara last Wednesday 11th December 2013, educational partners, corporate clients and friends were the first learn about ICE Malta’s initiatives for 2014 as well as the latest worldwide recognized educational brands which have been added to the institute’s ever growing portfolio.

The first in a series of networking events also celebrated ICE Malta’s launch of the institute’s  ICT Training Unit for local businesses, headed by Max Micallef, a division within the institute, which has been set up to support clients, organizations, SMEs, NGOs and corporations in their ICT Training and Staff Development programmes. During the 2012/2013 academic year, we have welcomed a substantial amount of students sponsored by the company they work for, employees who attended worldwide recognized study programmes by Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft and Autodesk to improve their performance at their work place. As our institute’s profile and educational partner portfolio continue to grow, we invested in the development and design of a new focused unit which is dedicated to ensure that we continue to work closely with IT & HR Managers and business owners, who are constantly seeking to improve the skills of their workforce, motivate their team and invest in their most valuable asset – that is, their human resources.‘ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta director explained.

ICE Malta’s Corporate Relations Executive is presently meeting Business Owners, HR & IT Managers interested in Staff Development during 2014, to design tailor made study packages which fit the requirements of their respective businesses and which include various customized options, to share news regarding the institute’s new collection of worldwide recognized courses for 2014 as well as to present the corporate brochure dedicated to ICT Training for the local and foreign workforce. ‘Our focused unit strives to ensure that corporate training will give employers and business owners immediate results – that is higher efficiency, better performance, more motivated staff, factors which ultimately lead to more profits. Furthermore, together with the institute’s director of studies, we are committed to ensure that we continue to introduce certifications, study paths and courses, which we believe give local industries their anticipated results and which continue to position our islands as a true hub of ICT excellence’ Max Micallef, ICE Malta’s Corporate Relations Executive commented.

Clients who would like to receive a copy of ICE Malta’s corporate brochure for 2014, an invitation to visit the institute or would like to coordinate a meeting with the ICE Malta Business Training Unit are requested to send an email to [email protected]

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