ICE Malta exclusive hosts of Autodesk’s Open Doors

ICE Malta is proud to announce that the institute is the exclusive host for Autodesk’s Open Doors 2013 which is scheduled to be held on Friday 15th November 2013. During this day celebrated all over the world, all students who have studied Autodesk courses at any recognized institute, have the opportunity to sit for Autodesk exams including AutoCAD User & Professional 2014, Maya Professional User & 2014 & 3DS Max Professional User &  2014 and benefit from a 10% off sponsored by ICE Malta. 

During the 2013/2014 academic year we’ve designed a number of collaborations with our worldwide recognized certification partners  to complete our unique study experience. In the case of Autodesk this year’s ‘Open Doors’ event will kick off a number of other initiatives planned with this prestigious certification. While we encourage our students to participate in competitions and work on their portfolios and show-reels we constantly highlight the importance of achieving a worldwide recognized certification. We’re proud to be the exclusive host institute for this initiative and we are looking forward to welcoming Autodesk students who studied at our institute or any other educational entity in the Maltese islands, to our institute to sit for the exam. To celebrate, we will be giving all students (past ICE Malta students as well as students who studied at other recognized institutes) a 10% off their exam fees. We believe that as a leading ICT institute it is our duty to continue to encourage further studies and to invest in local talent. This is our investment in local Autodesk talent‘ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta director explained. 

During the event, examination sessions will be scheduled in the morning, afternoon and evening. Students interested in sitting for any Autodesk examination are requested to fill in the form below. Students may send an email to ICE Malta’s Admissions team on [email protected] with any of their questions or additional requests and are encouraged to view the Autodesk Certification Presentation.

Bookings may be made until the Friday 8th November 2013

ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead.