ICE Malta founders announce first milestones for 2014

ICE Malta directors, educational partners, prospective students and friends, celebrated two milestones earlier on this afternoon at ICE Malta during a press event in collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute and the Ministry for Education & Employment.

‘It is a great honour and pleasure to welcome you to our first press event for 2014. Today we are celebrating two important milestones for the institute and for our islands. Firstly, we are here to announce that the institute is now a Microsoft Silver Learning Partner. This competency confirms the institute’s consistent capability, expertise and commitment to give local students the opportunity to achieve worldwide recognised certifications. We are committed to continue to encourage individuals to embark on Microsoft study paths of various levels, as undeniably these practical hands on worldwide recognised certifications are what the industry wants and give the island’s future employees the competitive advantage they require to achieve their career aspirations and continue to position our islands as a true hub of ICT excellence.‘ Mr Sammut, Director of ICE Malta announced.

‘Secondly, we are pleased to welcome Ms Ellie McHugh, Head of Partner & Government Relations, to our islands to launch ICE Malta’s new educational partners – The Digital Marketing Institute. As exclusive educational partners, the local institute, will be giving individuals based in the Maltese islands, together with social media enthusiasts who would like visit the Maltese islands for their studies, the opportunity to achieve a worldwide recognised diploma and embark on study paths leading to further studies including postgraduate and Masters in the subject which is dominating the business arena – digital marketing.

‘While ICE Malta’s Educators’ welcome hundreds of students for a number of worldwide recognised courses each semester, the ICE Malta core team continuously study, research, attend local and international workshops and conferences, meet local and corporate clients specifically to discuss industry requirements, future plans and forecast what is yet to be expected from our local talent pool. We are committed to ensure that we prepare our students for the industry and that they are given the practical skill-set, tools and certifications which will position them as competitive star candidates for the jobs our islands continue to generate as well as for employment possibilities all over the globe. The industry has given a clear indication that the future of marketing on various business levels is undeniably digital. Digital one-to-one marketing shows a continually healthy growth and the trend will continue to increase in popularity and relevance. To date, on a national scale, a full study path starting from a basic introduction leading to a diploma, postgraduate and a Masters study path, has not yet been available locally, we wanted to change that and this is what we’re celebrating today. We would like to welcome The Digital Marketing Institute to our Educators’ Community’. Mr Sammut continued.

‘It is gratifying to see the Minister for Education and Employment championing initiatives such as these  and supporting companies such as ICE Malta. ICE Malta are clearly committed to a superior student experience and are instrumental in providing education programmes which maximise the employability of students and elevate their corporate clients capacity to fulfill their business ambitions in the digital era.  It is for these reasons that we decided to partner with them.’ Ms Ellie McHugh, Head of Partner & Government Relations

‘Furthermore, we must publically thank Minister Bartolo for attending today’s celebration and for the faith he and his team show in Malta’s students as well as for the continuous investment the government makes in what is truly our country’s greatest economic pillar, education. Mr Sammut concluded.