ICE Malta, Action Developers for EWWR 2013
EWWR poster

As part of European Week for Waste Reduction 2013 events, ICE Malta has launched an ‘ICE goes GREEN’ campaign with the aim of creating awareness of the importance of waste management with educators, students and social media friends. ICE Malta is proud to be titled Action Developer for EWWR (European Week for Waste , the biggest gathering of awareness raising actions about waste prevention in Europe. One common message is shared – ‘let’s reduce waste!’

Waste reduction is an emergency for the European Union as a whole. Household waste has doubled in weight in 40 years and has been growing steadily at a rate of 1 to 2% per year; in 2009, 512kg of municipal waste was generated on average per person in the EU Member States. (Source: Eurostat). This waste is the result of non-sustainable modes of production and consumption. Furthermore, the consumption of products (including their production, transport and distribution), represents nearly 50% of emissions contributing to climate change.

‘While we are proud to be the only ICT institute taking part in this year’s edition, we encourage other ICT institutes to share these initiatives with their educators and students not just during this special week but during the whole year. As educational entities, apart from encouraging studies, we believe it is our duty to instill in our students a love for our islands and share a feeling of responsibility and commitment towards the beauty of our environment. We also congratulate other schools, businesses and NGOs who embarked on this project and are in the process of launching their individual campaigns’ Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained

During this dedicated week scheduled to kick off on Saturday the 16th of November, the institute will be launching its green strategy which amongst other initiatives includes: a) the promotion of online notes for all ICE Malta worldwide recognized courses, b) promoting the possibility of receipt copies are sent via email rather than printed c) continuation of present initiatives such as refilling of white board markers, use of rechargeable batteries & energy saving light bulbs, water jugs for educators instead of plastic bottles & reuse of envelopes. Furthermore the marketing division will collecting rough paper used during meetings, presentations both internally and used during classes and will create notebooks for creative brainstorming sessions. ‘While this campaign is for one week, our green strategy will be part of our quality manual ensuring that we will continue to strive to promote this initiatives and encourage our students to follow our example and care for their environment during the whole year’ Mr Sammut concluded

The institute’s official green strategy will be launched on Saturday 16th November 2013 on and the institute’s media channels