Here’s why we’re Malta’s leading IT Academy. #SummerTimeSuccess

It’s a record Summer Semester for the ICE Malta team as hundreds of students have embarked on worldwide recognised study programmes and are now on the world to achieving international designed certificates which which will position them as star candidates for career opportunities launched in Autumn 2015.

Most definitely this Summer’s spotlight is on the collection of MySuccess study programmes including MySuccess Graphic Designer and the MySuccess Website Designer together with the highly successful Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching study programme. Due to a high amount of pre-enrolments and the institute’s small classroom philosophy, the ICE Malta Academics Team has now launched Mid-Summer Study Programmes to ensure that prospective students have the opportunity to study during Summer.

As a leading educational IT Academy we will do everything in our power to make sure that the demand for these prestigious study programmes is met. Our collection of Mid Summer study programmes includes some of the most essential certifications and skills the industry needs. We encourage prospective students to confirm their enrolment immediately as a maximum of 18students will be accepted for these final classes and we are anticipating that all classes will reach maximum capacity in the coming days. Thanks to our Mid-Summer study programmes we will guarantee that a substantial amount of students will also achieve these prestigious certifications. – Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Director

Mid-Summer Study Programmes, which are all supported by the Get Qualified Scheme entitling students to benefit from 70% tax credit of their course fees back include:


Prospective students may enrol online or get in touch with theAdmissions Team by sending an
email to or calling 21467787.Make memories that matter.

Start your very own #SummerTimeSuccess.