Here’s what’s in your letterbox.

The ICE Malta Summer 2014 campaign is in full swing. Just in case you haven’t spotted the ICE Malta adverts on all your favourite websites & social media pages, if you haven’t heard the timecheck campaign on Malta’s popular radio station and if you haven’t followed any of our latest FB posts we’re still eager to welcome you to ICE Malta for the Summer 2014 Semester so here’s a marketing tool you won’t miss – only because we’re coming straight to your home. (to your letter box to be more precise)

Months before a campaign is launched, the ICE Malta creative team design a marketing brief which includes semester themes, tag lines, slogans, a communication brief and design style ideas for the semester marketing campaign. ‘The challenge for the team is to continue to be original, inspire and present a promotional campaign which is in line with the institute’s brand guidelines but which inspires students to be ICE Malta students – a campaign which highlights the institute’s study experience, our educational partners and which encourages local talent to invest in IT education. While the ICE Malta creative team are presently finalizing their marketing brief for the October 2014 semester we’re about to celebrate the Summer Semester promotional material launch which also includes news regarding Malta’s funding schemes and ICE Malta’s recent achievement – the ISO 9001 certification – which proves our commitment to quality and our unique study experience’ Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained.

This Summer 2014 semester the institute is focusing on four study paths – Code, Creative, Technical & Games – all multi billion euro industries waiting to employ local talent. ‘Rather than sharing the timetable in the traditional way  (a never ending list of courses) this time round we thought it was time to start showing how study programmes truly lead to dream careers. As a leading educational entity in the Maltese islands, we are committed to help locals understand the relevance of IT and how worldwide recognised certifications can truly make a difference’  

Are you impatient and don’t want to wait to get the Summer Semester promotional material at home? Here’s your chance to have a look at it HERE

Prospective students may confirm their enrolment on the ICE Malta website or get in touch with the ICE Malta Admissions team on Tel: 21467787, Email: or chat with the team on Prospective students may also organize a visit to the institute at their convenience. Early enrolment for all study programmes is recommended.

It’s going to be an ICE Malta Summer!