Happy Social Media Day! #SMDay

Thanks to Mashable, the world popular digital media platform, we finally have a day dedicated to celebrate social media! June 30,  is a day set aside for us to step back and truly recognize the impact social media tools have made on our lives and to celebrate and highlight the ways social media and digital innovation have come to define this generation. We couldn’t resist joining in the fun and celebrating too. As Malta’s exclusive educational partners for the word’s Digital Marketing Institute we think we deserve it but first let’s take a walk down memory lane.

  • 1971, As the internet was not yet invented, the world’s first ever email was sent over ARPANET. Oh and in 1978 spam was born!
  • 1994, Yahoo was launched and the world celebrated the first ever e-commerce transaction. (NetMarket). The first web banner was sold in this same year. AT&T were the proud owners of the world’s first web banner which was put online on October 27th.
  • 1995, The first ever item was sold on eBay. It was a broken laser point (which didn’t even work)
  • 1998, The world welcomes Google which was founded by Stanford Ph.D students Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • 2004, ‘The Facebook’ – Yes that was FB’s name initially. 2004 was the year it was created. It became an open system in 2006.
  • 2008, Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in March and was online by July of the same year.
  • 2014, February. ICE Malta launches the island’s first EQF Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing

Thanks to the ICE Malta Study Experience, prospective students now have the opportunity to enrol for the PARTTIME study programme which has been included in the Summer 2015 Semester.


Early enrolment is recommended.
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