Exient eager to meet nextcreatives talent!

It’s less than 48hours before the deadline of Malta’s first national code and creative competition – nextcreatives and the organizing team and judges are eager to start the first evaluation process leading to the final pitch whereby the contestants will be invited to present their idea to some of the world’s key industry leaders.

During the evaluation stages judging will be dedicated to the concept, originality and idea. During the second and final stage, participants will be invited to personally pitch their idea to a selected group of industry professionals. 16 talented individuals will win an all expense MySuccess study experience which will give them the opportunity to achieve worldwide recognised certifications, practical hands on skills and knowledge to be considered for careers they aspire to achieve in either the creative or code industries.

The nextcreatives panel of judges are key industry leaders who are constantly on the look out to spot new talent. Jason Fielder, one of the selected nextcreatives judges and CTO Exient, the award winning company and the minds behind the blockbuster Angry Birds comments, ‘Exient are always looking for exceptional new talent to join our teams. With this year’s NextCreatives participants, we’re very excited with the possibility of finding and nurturing the potential seeds of our next generation of game teams.’

Final submissions and updates must be sent by Friday 13th March 2015 at midnight.  Full information about the competition, judges and prizes may be viewed here.