ETC – Training Aid Framework Scheme (TAF)

What is the Training Aid Framework Scheme (TAF) ?

The Training Aid Framework is a unique opportunity for our country where local companies can invest in their human resources. Through the Training Aid Framework, ETC will be giving financial assistance to those companies that invest in the training of their workforce.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

This scheme is available for companies in the private sector and the subsidy will vary according to the type of training and the size of the enterprise. Companies can benefit from up to 80% funding for employee training. Training can be  in-house or out-sourced.

The total eligible cost per application should be a minimum of €350 (This minimum cost can be met by a single or multiple employees requesting training). Training whose total eligible cost is below this threshold will not be eligible under this scheme. However, an exemption will apply if the beneficiary falls within the category of micro-enterprise. A company is classified as a Micro Enterprise when it employs less than 10 employees and has an annual turnover not exceeding €2 million.

What Training Costs are Eligible?

Eligible Costs

  • Training Costs
  • Consultancy Services
  • Trainees’ Personnel Cost – Only Applies when the Training is held during normal office hours.
  • Trainers’ and Trainees’ Travel Expense – Only Applies when the Training is held abroad or the Trainer is a foreigner.

Ineligible Costs

  • Course Registration Fees
  • Course Administration Fees
  • Renting of Training Venue
  • Refreshments Served During Training Programme

How can I apply?

The following are the steps which should be followed to successfully apply for the TAF scheme.

  • Download and Complete all Documentation required in the Application Form – Link. The application form should be dated and signed by a person in the management grade of the company requesting funds for training.
  • Submit documents in time to reach the TAF Unit at least three (3) weeks before the course commencement date. Documents can be delivered by post or by hand.

Reimbursement according to aid intensities established by  Regulation 800/2008 is only paid if trainers and trainees are confirmed as eligible by the Evaluation Committee and if the training programme is fully delivered and trainee/s successfully complete/s the training programme in accordance with the agreement signed.

For more information please contact the TAF Unit on 22201312