Enrolment for Malta’s Diploma in Digital Marketing PARTTIME study programme now open

Malta’s final Diploma in Digital Marketing 5 day bootcamp for 2015 is in full swing. Students representing private and public companies including a number of top leading brands from various industries are enjoying a worldclass ISO 9001:2008 certified study experience and are on their way to master digital marketing.

This study programme is one of the fastest growing courses in the Maltese islands. During these last 16 months, students looking to score a digital career, marketing executives who want to keep themselves up to date with the digital world as well as business owners and top management professionals have enroled for this study programme and achieved an international EQF Level 5 certificate. We are proud to be the first ICT Academy in the Maltese islands to launch a worldwide recognised study programme dedicated to the subject which continues to dominate the world – digital.

Enrolment for Malta’s final PARTTIME Diploma in Digital Marketing study programme is now open. A maximum of 18 students will be accepted for this final class for 2015 therefore early enrolment is recommended. Prospective students may click on the chat widget at the bottom right hand corner of the ICE Malta website and get answers to all questions instantly. Alternatively, individuals may send an email to [email protected] or call 21467787 to organize a meeting with the ICE Malta Student Relations Executive.

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