Enroll for worldwide recognized study paths starting in 2014

While the October Semester kicked off  last Monday 21st October 2013, with worldwide recognized certifications by Adobe, Autodesk, CISCO, Microsoft together with the recently launched MySuccess career paths supported by the Get Qualified Scheme, the ICE Malta Admissions team are still meeting more students interested in furthering their ICT studies at the institute.

‘Our educational policy has promoted ‘a small classroom philosophy’ from the very beginning of the institute launch and we strongly believe that it is one of the most crucial factors in the complete ICE Malta study experience. We believe students benefit immensely from individual attention and practical experience during class and this is what leads them to achieving top results in their examinations. Of course, while being an extremely positive initiative, our Admissions team regretfully have to shift late enrollments to the upcoming Semester or future classes. We are doing our utmost to ensure that when possible, new classes are launched immediately, some even in the coming weeks, but admittedly there are going to be instances when certifications will be launched just during our upcoming 2014 Semester’ Nikolai Sammut director of ICE Malta explained. 

The ICE Malta team have now launched an official ‘ICE Malta Waiting list’ whereby students who are eager to embark on an ICE Malta Study Experience are asked to fill in the form below and will receive a call from the ICE Malta Admissions team who will guide them as regards to the most ideal study path  based on students’ preferences and career aspirations and also give them recommendations on certifications as well as an indication of time-frames for the upcoming courses. Being on the ICE Malta Waiting List will guarantee enrollment for next Semester. ‘Thanks to the ICE Malta Waiting List’ students enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their study plan is being taken care of by our academic team and that they are on their way to start a study experience which will lead them to an internally recognized certification and their dream career’ Mr Sammut concluded. 

Interested students may have a look at the official ICE Malta course list HERE and are then requested to fill in their details in the form below

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