Eager to achieve a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing? Here’s funding news for you!

ICE Malta is pleased to note that Digital Marketing is included in the ‘Priority Areas of Study’ launched in the Malta Government Scholarships Post-Graduate Scheme giving students starting their EQF Level 7 Post Graduate Studies in Digital Marketing (starting October 2014) the opportunity to submit their application for funding consideration.

‘Undoubtedly Digital Marketing is the backbone of any business and this is why this essential subject is on the ‘Priority Areas of Study’ list published in the Malta Government Scholarships Post Graduate Scheme Regulations which may be viewed HERE. In this day and age, knowledge of digital media and its tools, be it for personal or business use, is a requirement and is considered to essential and an important certification no matter which career path one has selected or is considering. As exclusive educational partners of the world’s Digital Marketing Institute ICE Malta welcomes students from various marketing backgrounds and representing a number of different businesses for both Part Time and Full Time Study Programmes starting from an Introduction to Online Marketing to Diploma in Digital Marketing, PostGraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing and a Masters in Digital Marketing. We are pleased that local marketing talent, business owners and digital marketing enthusiasts now have the opportunity to send in their application form for funding consideration for the Post Graduate Digital Marketing Study Programme’ Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained.

Students who have already completed their Diploma in Digital Marketing, who have enroled for the Part Time Study Programmes starting on May 2014 as well as marketing managers or executives, business owners or digital marketing enthusiasts who have marketing experience, are encouraged to consider starting the Post-Graduate Digital Marketing study programme starting in the last quarter of 2014 and submit their application for potential funding by Friday 30th of May 2014, noon . The Malta Government Scholarships Post-Graduate Scheme Application form may be viewed HERE.

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