Digital Marketing – Basic skills everyone needs to master.

ICE Malta’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course is an entry level weekly evening course which gives students, employees, business owners from all career paths the confidence to skillfully navigate through the digital marketing basics which have become the essential tool for modern day work life.

From designing a digital marketing strategy to creating digital assets, managing, maintaining and optimising online marketing campaigns, this study programme will allow you to embrace the digital world confidently no matter which industry you’re in.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Interior Designers
    Visual content drives the most engagement. The design industry is all about aesthetics, so digital is a super tool to integrate in marketing campaign . Thanks to ICE Malta’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course, interior designers learn how to build a solid brand presence, connect with potential clients, find new leads, drive sales and establish credibility and trust for their brand.
  • Teachers
    Digital can be a super master tool for educators of all subjects. Educators can keep themselves up to date with conferences, teaching tools, pedagogies, and join groups related to their interests. Teachers can promote their private lessons to targeted groups, design their own website, blog and collaborate with teachers all over the globe. More importantly, thanks to ICE Malta’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course, educators can master the subject which is second nature to millennials – Digital.

So if it might have crossed your mind that Digital Marketing isn’t your cup of tea, think again. Digital is the new basic skill we all need to conquer. It’s the investment which will keep you on track.

Time to get cracking
Enrolment for ICE Malta’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course is now open. Prospective students are invited to confirm their enrolment online here or may chat with our team and get answers to all their questions instantly. Alternatively, individuals may send an email to or call 21467787 to organize a one-to-one meeting with ICE Malta’s Student Relations Executive.

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