Celebrating ICE Malta’s 4th Anniversary

ICE Malta, the island’s leading ICT Academy is celebrating it’s 4th year anniversary. In typical ICE Malta fashion, the institute’s creative team is proud to launch a  commemorative brand video created especially for the occasion.

No words can express our satisfaction. We’re so proud of the school’s accomplishments. We’ve celebrated milestones which were a first not just for the school but also for the Maltese islands. Our students score dream careers, win international competitions and continuously make us proud. We work hand-in-hand with some of the world’s biggest educational giants and design corporate ICT training for the majority of businesses based in the Maltese islands. We’re proud of the brand we’ve created, the future is bright and we will continue to strive to take ICT Education to new heights.

The ICE Malta Founders would like to thank the core team who are committed to continue to position the school as a leading ICT Academy, educators, all industry practitioners who mentor, motivate and inspire our students, leading companies, individuals who work hand in hand with the ICE Malta Academic Team and give their valued insight on what skills and certifications the industry really needs, stakeholders which collaborate endlessly with ICE Malta’s management team, and above all students, who are ICE Malta ambassadors, individuals who have shown that hard work, determination and an ISO certified study experience is the secret to success.

We will continue to strive to continue to position Malta as a hub of ICT Excellence.