Behind the scenes of ICE Malta

‘It’s always nice to sit back and go through past emails, old scribbles and notes, random photos, plans, and messages sent by the creators of an institute which is now established. We don’t always have time to recall how it all began, how we were inspired to create what is now recognized, why we thought our project was essential.  

For a couple of minutes, it’s nice to go back in time and recall the excitement of launching an institute, sharing our mission statement based on our values, our beliefs and investing precious hours of study, research, debates and discussions about the institute we strongly believed our islands needed, an institute which was designed keeping in mind that the student was and will always remain priority.

It’s nice to walk down the ICE memory lane and think of what it was like when we were recruiting our first team members and tutors, when we moved from our first office to our present institute; the day when we opened our doors welcoming our first students; back then when we confirmed our first worldwide recognized certifications from Microsoft, Adobe, AutoCAD and CISCO, and the evening when we celebrated our first year.

Below, some of the reasons why ICE Malta has become one of the island’s ICT leaders and what we thought, back then, was essential. It still is. We still live by these rules to this present day and our students remain our ultimate priority.’

The foundations of ICE Malta.

Dull environments produce dull minds. So we designed a school environment which students want to visit.

Tutors should be mentors.  So we created a people focused learning environment led by academics who are true professionals.

Schools, institutes and acadamies should also develop careers. So we guarantee world recognized certifications, study what the industry is looking for and design innovative curriculum

Students should dream. So we inspire them, enhance their creativity, challenge their ideas and encourage them to celebrate their uniqueness.

Welcome to ICE Malta.  Nikolai Sammut, Principal of ICE Malta

The institute in shell form.