A 100% sponsorship scheme for AWS training.


ICE Malta has announced a brand new 100% sponsorship scheme designed by eSkills Malta Foundation with the support of the Melita Foundation which will give 65 individuals based in the Maltese islands the opportunity to level-up with cloud technologies for free and enjoy online live world-class learning.

This initiative by eSkills Malta Foundation, supported by the Melita Foundation is perfectly aligned to the industry’s demands because cloud migration has accelerated incredibly and AWS continues to innovate as faster than ever. As a leading ICT Academy, our aim is to make sure that we continue to equip individuals with the skills the industry demands to confidently be able to adapt swiftly and progress steadily so that they will achieve greater success for themselves and the brands they represent.

– Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta’s Co-Founder.


It’s crucial that our country embraces digitalisation. In a world that is getting digital everyday, we must equip the Maltese people with the necessary digital skills. Having the eSkills Foundation collaborating with a world renowned reputable technology leader like Amazon is an encouraging step forward to achieve our goal of creating a Digital Malta.

– Hon. Clayton Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services & Digital Economy.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner course will be delivered both part-time as well in a bootcamp format to give double the amount of talent the opportunity to level-up in their available time-frames. By the end of this crucial study programme, students will be able to build and deploy scalable and secure applications on the AWS Cloud as well as explore and experiment with new products. The second course in this innovative and prestigious scheme is the Architecting on AWS Course which is considered to be amongst the most valuable and highly sought after cloud computing certifications in the world today. Due to the support of the eSkills Malta Foundation, and the The Melita Foundation, these courses will be free to all participants.

The three certifications chosen by our Foundation and AWS target beginners, who may be unemployed or wanting to change to an ICT career, ICT professionals who may want to up-skill on cloud technology, and leaders who need to know how Cloud technology can make them more effective and competitive. Up-skilling and re-skilling is crucial at all levels.

– Carmel Cachia, Chief Administrator, eSkills Malta Foundation.

AWS Cloud Practitioner CourseThis course is designed for both non-technical & technical individuals interested to understand cloud computing with AWS at a high level, but don’t need to know each service on a technical level.

8 Hours • Online Live

It’s worth €390.
Get it for free thanks to eSkills Foundation & Melita Foundation.
Architecting on AWS CourseThis course is designed for technical individuals eager to gain the in-demand industry skills to plan, design and build secure, high availability cloud infrastructure on AWS.

24 Hours • Online Live

It’s worth €1,800.
Get it for free thanks to eSkills Foundation & Melita Foundation.

To secure their enrolment for either the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course or the Architecting on AWS bootcamp, prospective students must submit a minimal commitment fee which will be fully refundable following successful course completion. Immediate enrolment is recommended as this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for local talent to benefit from a 100% sponsorship scheme for AWS learning and level-up with crucial skills by the end of the year.


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