A 100% coding sponsorship for 25 female leaders.


ICE Malta has confirmed that eSkills Malta Foundation will be offering a full sponsorship for 25 females who would like to enrol for the Programming Basics with Python Workshop which will be delivered over 2 online live practical lessons during November 2020, online live.


This free course will ensure that 25 females, whether founders of their own company, leaders of teams at established brands or aspiring talent eager to progress, will gain an essential coding skill-set which will help them level-up so that they can communicate more effectively with their teams, save time and money as well as trigger new ideas for business growth.

Many talented females continue to advance and progress in their career yet don’t have the basic tech skills, including the ability to code, which can help them elevate their performance and take their brand to the next level. eSkills Malta’s 100% sponsorship for 25 females is crucial and will prove to be extremely fruitful for the brands these talented individuals own or represent.

– Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta.

One of the main national concerns is the participation of certain groups in the society, both for the participation in the ICT industry and for having access to equal opportunities in taking advantage of the digital opportunities. One of these target groups is the female gender where especially in the ICT industry the numbers are very low. In this respect the Foundation feels a certain responsibility to try to address this issue. With this in mind the Foundation is happy to sponsor this essential coding course because it firmly believes that getting more women involved in the ICT industry can improve equality and competitiveness in an increasingly digital world.

– Bernardette Zerafa, eSkills Malta Foundation.

Immediate enrolment for this highly in-demand course is recommended. Individuals who are eager to learn coding skills and are not available to participate on the set dates are invited to send an email to get in touch.


Explore the world of code, for free.
A 6 hour training event for female leaders.