💥 A 100% coding course sponsorship for 25 teens.


ICE Malta has confirmed that eSkills Malta Foundation will be offering a 100% sponsorship for 25 teens based in the Maltese Islands between the ages 13 and 17 for the Programming Basics with Python Course set to start this October 2021.


Fueled by fun, practical examples, and challenges the Online Live course will be split over three lessons all delivered in October 2021. This free study programme will give young talent the opportunity to learn Python, one of the most fundamental and in-demand coding languages. Students will be mentored by a leading industry expert and will be presented with numerous projects which will help them put their new skills to practice.

You do not have to be entering an ICT employment to learn basic programming, and especially in Python! Most future jobs and work will require some basic coding skills, and therefore this is an opportunity to learn and advance in your career. This course may even be an introduction to those who would like to consider an ICT career.

– Carm Cachia, eSkills Malta Foundation.


Enrolment for this course is on a first-come, first-served basis therefore parents & guardians are encouraged to confirm their teen’s enrolment immediately as demand for this free course is high. Enrolment may be completed here.

The eSkills Malta Foundation team has the drive, direction, and determination to work to equip talent of all ages with the skills such as problem-solving and logical thinking which are increasingly becoming crucial in today’s digital society and we are proud to once again partner up with them for this powerful initiative.

– Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta.


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