ICE Malta’s 2013/2014 strategy revealed

The ICE Malta marketing strategy for 2013/2014 includes a number of unique collaborations, a series of Learn & WIN competitions, the sponsorship of a national team and various targeted campaigns themed according to different motivational messages launched each semester. The ICE Malta slogan celebrates the institute’s strategy and vision for the upcoming scholastic terms, whilst was designed keeping in mind that educational institutes should inspire creativity. The slogan, ‘ICE Malta, Keeping you one step ahead’ is ICE Malta’s commitment to the general public, individuals and corporate companies who want to invest in further ICT education. 

‘Our 2013/2014 strategy is part of our three year plan designed to continue to position ICE Malta as a leading ICT institute and to ensure that Malta is looked upon as truly a centre of ICT excellence. We have decided to share our 2013/2014 strategy as we want our tutors, students, parents, ICT industry players and collaborators to understand our vision and to be a part of what we consider to be a very exciting development in the ICT era on our islands’ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta’s principal explains

During the 2012/2013 semesters a number of sub brands under the umbrella of ICE Malta were launched including ICE Plus, The ICE Malta Creative Showcase 2013, The ICE Malta Business Connection and ICE Days, these brands together with the a new sub brand, The ICE Malta Scholarship program will continue to be marketed during the 2013/2014 season with respective marketing campaigns for each target market. 

‘Following a number of brainstorming meetings, strategy sessions and internal discussions we established our slogan for the 2013/2014 scholastic year. Our line of thought was simple – we need to keep ourselves on the ICT front line to ensure that we are the first to launch courses industry leaders request, offer world wide recognized certifications with our esteemed vendors Microsoft, CISCO, Adobe, Autodesk amongst others, be one step ahead to ensure that our students are one step ahead too. This is the line of thought behind our message. Next the design team met numerous times to share concepts, styles, ideas all keeping in mind what our message is as well as the style of the institute. We’re a young, dynamic team of professionals from various fields, and we want our marketing to be a mirror image of what we truly offer at ICE Malta. As director of studies and principal of ICE Malta it is my pleasure to share our 2013/2014 vision and communication package with the general public. We look forward to welcoming you all at ICE in the coming semester’ Nikolai Sammut concluded. 

ICE Malta launches the 2013/2014 slogan