10 useful chrome extensions for Web Design

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10 useful Chrome extensions for Web Design

Chrome has been growing more and more popular, especially to web workers, because it is a great, fast browser with now plenty of Chrome extensions for web design. The light interface and quick JavaScript execution are not the only interesting features for web designers; Chrome is really an amazing working tool if you customize it enough.

All the following extensions are worth a look but you shouldn’t install all these extensions or your browser could become sluggish.

1. Web Developer – Get this extension

The web developer Chrome extension was already one of the most popular toolbar in Firefox, which is probably the reason why it was adapted for Chrome. This toolbar gives you a set of great tools to analyze web pages, test your designs or edit CSS on the fly.

chrome extensions for web design

2. MeasureIt – Get this extension

One of my personal favourite extensions, it allows you to measure any element on the web page and grab the dimensions on the fly. Consider it as your browser’s ruler.

chrome extensions for web design

3. CsScan – Get this extension

This one is useless if you already have the Web developer toolbar installed. If not, it will be a great tool to understand how web pages are built and analyze the CSS elements on the page.

chrome extensions for web design

4. Firebug Lite – Get this extension

Another extremely popular extension that was ported from Firefox. It integrates to the Chrome toolbar, let’s you inspect the DOM or edit CSS, among other things.

chrome extensions for web design

5. Chrome Sniffer – Get this extension

Are you frequently wondering how a website was buit, which technologies were used? Then this must the best of all Chrome extensions for web design for you. Chrome sniffer detects web applications and javascript libraries used to build a website.

chrome extensions for web design

6. HTML5 Snippet – Get this extension

For the web designers who like to play around with HTML5, this is one of the most recent Chrome extension for web design. This extension creates a platform to share resources and HTML5 snippets.

chrome extensions for web design

7. Speed Tracer – Get this extension

If you build web applications, you must get this extension. Speed tracer helps you identify and fix the application’s performance issues. The results are show as graphs, so it makes it easy to visually identify the problems.

chrome extensions for web design

8. MultiSwitch – Get this extension

Use this extension to switch between development, test and productive hosts. Very practical to gain some time.

chrome extensions for web design

9. Lorem Ipsum Generator – Get this extension

Create dummy text for your web design mock-ups, straight from the browser.

chrome extensions for web design

10. IE Tab – Get this extension

If you are using Chrome, you are probably not in a hurry to view your pages in Internet Explorer. For testing your sites, you can use IE Tab to render your pages in Chrome the way they would look in IE, so you don’t have to open Internet Explorer anymore.

chrome extensions for web design

Article courtesy of Designer Daily – http://www.designer-daily.com