10 reasons why you should start Cisco’s CCNA Routing & Switching Course on the 30th of July.

Undoubtedly one of the Summer Semester highlights is the Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching study programme starting on the 30th of July 2014. Thinking of starting your Cisco journey at ICE Malta? Here are 10 reasons to help you confirm your enrolment.

1. You’ll position yourself as a crucial employee and you’ll have the chance to be handpicked for higher level work positions

2.  You will gain the respect of peers and your boss. A Cisco certification is a great addition to your profile

3.  You will become more efficient and effective at your work place

4. Your confidence levels & performance at your work place will increase

5. ICE Malta students achieve the highest academic results on the islands – there’s no place better to achieve a Cisco certification!

6. Your newly acquired skills will ensure that your CV rises to the top of every employer’s stack

7. Your IT knowledge will be right up to date with latest technologies and trends.

8. You’ll have the opportunity to win an all expense study trip to Cisco California and represent Malta in the international NetRiders finals

9. Thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme you’ll benefit from a 70% tax credit of your course fees back – The Cisco study programme is affordable and a great investment

10. Cisco certifications are recognised all over the globe and are a crucial addition to your CV plus investing in education is really the best investment you will ever make.

Thanks to the ICE Malta small classroom philosophy, students enjoy one to one attention, practical hands on experience in class (which is crucial). Get in touch with the ICE Malta Admissions team and learn more about the institute’s unique study experience and Cisco study programmes. More course details may be viewed HERE.

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