William Hill’s Mikolaj on the power of team training — an ICE Malta customer spotlight.
CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHTNurturing William Hill’s growth with targeted training👋 Meet Mikołaj Jucewicz Kużajak, Head of Leadership Development at William Hill™
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Comprising over 12,000 employees worldwide, the William Hill Group has become a household name and heavyweight of the global gaming industry. Much of the company’s success can be tied to a core philosophy; namely, pushing for continual innovation to push boundaries and always ‘go one better.’ Nowhere is this more crucial than in the gaming industry, where global competition is fierce and digital technology the heart of the business.
When it came to choosing a learning provider, the Group was keen to find a long-term partner capable of filling practical skills gaps and supporting company growth as efficiently as possible. Having access to specialised training modules was especially where training could not be organised internally, either due to time pressure or a lack of expertise.


Mikołaj Jucewicz Kużajak

Head of Leadership Development at William Hill

ICE Malta is proud to have nurtured a strong partnership with the William Hill Group for a number of years. The Group’s Head of Leadership Development, Mikołaj Jucewicz Kużajak, recognised the benefit of working with a learning partner that was familiar with local business practices and well-positioned to offer relevant insights in the gaming industry.
With a range of educational resources and programmes across the digital spectrum, the school was able to meet the Group’s training needs in a range of situations. These included:
  • Non-custom courses — individual, public class seats sponsored by William Hill (eg. upskilling in areas including Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute and Adobe respectively)
  • Custom training classes — small, private groups focusing on requested skills training (eg. Standard and Advanced Excel, accredited by Microsoft)
In the case of custom classes, the Group was able to tailor training modules according to employees’ specific requirements. Assessing individual candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and functions within the company, ICE Malta worked with the Group to create a bespoke learning package that would optimise the business’s ROI.
ICE Malta prioritises flexibility and adaptability in corporate training delivery in order to minimise business disruption. All corporate clients are offered a choice between on-site, online, or on-campus delivery, during or outside of working hours. Opting for ICE Malta’s online-live training format allowed William Hill employees convenience of remote learning without missing out on the dedicated, live support of an expert Educator. Additionally, the 7-day online lesson playback and 6-month post-course access to Educators ensured that individuals could make the most of their learning experience beyond the scheduled lessons.
• • •
In keeping with company values, Mikołaj and the whole wider Talent Development team of William Hill make every effort to inculcate a culture of ongoing growth and individual development. Organised skills training with ICE Malta is just one element of this.
The Group’s Build15 initiative encourages employees to put aside 15 minutes a day to make personal development an integral part of their work routine. There are no rules or expectations; whether it’s reading a blog, practising a new skill, or having an insightful conversation, individuals are free to devote the time to whatever they find most productive.
The William Hill Group has recognized that the fulfilment of business goals depends on the health, strength, and motivation of their workforce. Since launching the Build programme, total learning hours have increased from 81,991 in 2020, to 123,666 in 2021. The company’s focus on sustainable team growth is a shining example for others to follow.