Why we love LinkedIn

We’re cheerleaders for LinkedIn only because we are advocates of social selling and we know the power that this social media platform brings to any business. 

Apart from connecting half a billion individuals from 200 countries (bid deal wouldn’t you say?), millions of people in the B2B world engage, negotiate, connect and collaborate on this social media channel.

If you’re not on LinkedIn, well my friends — you’re missing out.

Watch yourself fall in love with LinkedIn

Here are our top 5 elementary reasons why you’re about to get hit by cupid’s LinkedIn arrow too.

  1. LinkedIn is an incredibly rich professional database so it’s the ideal place for making credible connections
  2. It’s a key channel for identifying and engaging new prospective clients.
  3. It’s a super vehicle for sharing fresh, original and exclusive content
  4. Referrals Rock, they drive sales like nothing else. This social media platform will allow your happy clients to refer you and your business.
  5. LinkedIn empowers you to transform cold connections into warm conversations — and isn’t that what all businesses want?

Time for some name dropping to prove our point

Big brands lead by example.

“Proven Strategies From the World’s Top Sales Professionals” by LinkedIn

PayPal Australia was able to achieve a nearly 3,000% ROI while reduce sales cycles by 25%.

“Proven Strategies From the World’s Top Sales Professionals” by LinkedIn

Microsoft boosted it’s sales productivity by an astounding 38% with a pilot project on LinkedIn’s sales navigator.

Tempted to try it out?

Social selling is all about enabling your client to make an easier purchasing decision, LinkedIn will help you accomplish this and more.

  • Measure your sales’ team performance using the Social Selling Index.
  • Position you and your teams as industry thought leaders.
  • Leverage relevant content to increase engagement and build trust.

You’re loving the sound of this

By now you’re tapping to the tune of our beat and you’re craving to learn more. Keep the social selling vibe going and join us for an intensive yet ever so fun five day Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling bootcamp

You’ll learn how to master LinkedIn and so much more — starting from understanding what’s going on in a customer’s head to leverage cross selling techniques, optimizing your sales message and creating an optimized digital sales campaign that will make your profits hit the roof.

Let’s keep riding this social selling wave shall we?