Why digital is the new language everyone needs to learn.


40 year old chef Morgan is the proud owner of a gorgeous restaurant. Bloggers haven’t stopped raving about his exquisite menu. Corporate Liz is an HR Manager at an iGaming company, she’s recruiting top talent thanks to a super digital strategy. Marvin’s start-up has become an overnight sensation. Thanks to his online campaign he can cruise around the Caribbean islands while the money keeps rolling in. Gorgeous Stacey is a beauty blogger. Her Instagram is on fire, it’s her ticket to a dream career.

  • They realised that digital is the backbone of today’s business strength
  • so, they enroled for ICE Malta’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course &
  • now, they’re leveraging the power of digital to take their brand to the next level.

Morgan, Stacey, Liz and Marvin all speak digital. 🙌

These happy high fliers enroled for either the slow and steady 10-week evening course or the intensive and rewarding 5-day intensive bootcamp because they wanted their:

  • Website to rank high
  • Social media channels to bring business
  • Online presence to elevate their brand
  • Content to captivate the masses
  • Profits to grow

Oh and they all wanted to make their career aspirations reality. Sounds familiar?


This November, we’re running an intensive yet rewarding 5-day bootcamp which will give you the adrenaline learning rush that has been a game-changer for many. Check it out here.

We have your back. Now you can split your tution fees over four months without paying any interest fees and still benefit from 70% of your course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme. Financial freedom at its best. Read all about it here. (Oh and have a great Summer getaway!)

There’s nothing we can’t figure out together. Chat with the team online, drop us a line or come on over for a chat. Just don’t drag your feet. We wouldn’t want you to miss the boat.


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