Why August can be your career pivot.


Before you know it we’re celebrating the mid-year mark. It’s August. Time sure does fly. New Year’s Eve feels like it was just yesterday. That night you welcomed 2018 with very ambitious goals. Your plan was simple. Invest in training and climb the career ladder fast. Where did the time go? Fast forward to today. You think to yourself, ‘i’ve accomplished nada, zilch, zero’

Halt the panic mode. Follow these three simple steps and you’ll find yourselves taking control of your career, celebrating 2018 like you intended and leaping into 2019 like a champ.

  • Step #1
    Self-audit your year. Acknowledge any milestones reached. Now set measurable goals for the next six months. What do you want to achieve? Is your goal realistic? Can you push yourself harder if you put your mind to it? What other aspects of your life should you factor in? Make yourself accountable. Commit to not letting yourself down. Now move on to step 2.
  • Step #2
    So you’re close to establishing your goal, your mission is getting clearer – great job! Now let’s work backwards and help you figure out where to start – let the pros work their magic. Schedule a one-to-one meeting with the ICE Malta Admissions team, fire away any questions or concerns, discover what funding opportunities are available. Choose your destination and they’ll plan your journey. Before you know it you’ll be ready for take-off.
  • Step #3
    Time to set your plan in motion. Get focused. Dive deep into your learning and let our educators mentor you to success. Apart from enjoying a world-class study experience, you’ll network with students who are also on a mission to score big wins, you’ll find inspiration in all the new skills that you’re mastering and you’ll achieve certifications that will put you in the spotlight.



One minute. Panic is creeping in. How will you manage to achieve industry skills and a worldwide recognised certificate by the end of the year? Calm down. It can be done in just 3 to 4 months, so your timing is perfect.


We’ve got a solution which will give you ultimate freedom and flexibility. Schedule interest-free tuition fees over not one, not two but four months and get 70% of your course fees back too. That’s right. No need to fork out any fees upfront and you’ll get a big chunk of your investment back.

Glide from Step 1 to Step 2 and leave the rest to us. Before you know it you’ll be moving on to Step 3 confidently. We’ll encourage you to take the plunge, cheer you on during your learning journey and tag along for all the career highlights that are destined to come your way. Now’s the time to #RaiseYourGame.

Time to get startedNo stalling. Get right to it.

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