Why a .design domain works wonders for designers.


If you’re an up-and-coming designer on a mission to score a top spot at a leading brand by now you should know that you really must have a brilliant portfolio. Let’s take it up a notch. If you really want to impress your dream employers socks off and if you’d love to secure a considerably hot financial package, investing in your own website will surely seal the deal and quickly position you as a favourite pick. There’s just one problem. The good .com names are taken or cost a bomb and the domains ending in .net, .org just aren’t designer worthy.

The .design domain name is becoming more popular by the minute. Designers who are choosing to go down this route know that it serves a dual purpose – it communicates what you do easily and helps you show that you’re a design authority.

  1. Branding
    As a branding exercise, you can’t do much better than to put “design” front and centre on everything you do. Whether you choose to use your full name or come up with a unique conceptual name, choosing a .design domain helps your audience focus on what you do – design. Eliminate all the surprises, kill the a-ha moments – this domain helps you get right to the point and shows the masses that you mean business.
  2. Easy to remember
    That’s right. It’s basically unforgettable. All HR Managers have to do is add ‘.design’ to your name and presto! They can dive right into your incredible collection of inspiring work.
  3. It’s (most probably) available
    If you’re reading this blog post in 2018 then we can safely bet that your name married to .design is available and more importantly, affordable. If your fingers are itching to see, search for your name and see what comes up.
  4. Source of inspiration
    There’s something about .design that seems to make you assume that refined brilliance has been planted on this particular space. It has a special kind of flair that immediately makes one assume that content is dynamic, engaging and just damn beautiful.
  5. SEO rankings
    While it’s not as easy as simply purchasing a domain name and waiting for clients to magically roll in, a .design domain name does help with standing out in search engine results. Here’s an example. If your website name were maltagraphic.design and someone typed in “graphic design services in Malta”, there’s a high chance your site would rank on the first page.


Some of our favourite brands and professionals have started housing their design-centric content under .design. Check them out – you’ll be in great company.

So alumni, prospective design students and friends, we’re living in an age that is obsessed with design, .design not only works, but it looks and sounds beautiful.

If you’re excited and enthusiastic to take the plunge and invest in a .design domain, we’d love to empower you with the skills and certifications to be able to confidently design your own space, it’ll take less than four months – that’s a promise. Oh and keep us in mind when your website is up and running, we’d love to take a look at your collection of outstanding design work and tell the world that you’re an ICE Malta Alumni too.


Time to get startedNo stalling. Get right to it.

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