Linux coding is the most sought-after open source skill.


Linux administration, development and usage skills have quickly become required and crucial knowledge for the majority of entry-level open source careers. That’s right, businesses of all shapes and sizes are hungry (and by hungry we mean famished) for Linux-trained individuals who are looking to take their career to the next level.

Well, apart from creating an ongoing abundance of jobs for professionals who were smart enough to understand the immense values of gaining this skill-set, open source:

  • cuts development costs
  • decreases time to market
  • accelerates innovation
  • increases developer productivity

The results of the 2018 Open Source Jobs Report (an annual partnership with career site Dice and The Linux Foundation) includes feedback from more than 750 recruitment managers representing small and medium businesses, government agencies, corporations and more than 6,500 open source professionals. That’s quite a crowd wouldn’t you say?

The report clearly shows that Linux and open source software are leading the industry and this comes at no surprise because they present a versatile, robust, and scalable solution for IT companies of all shapes, sizes, and functions. Forget reading the whole report, we’ve carved out the crucial findings so you can take the plunge quicker. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Linux is the most in-demand open source skill category.
  • 87% of open source professionals say knowing open source has advanced their career.
  • In the case of training employees, there’s been a healthy 12% increase. That’s right, the number of employers investing in open source training for their team has risen from 30% to 42%.
  • 80% of open source professionals confirm that certifications are useful to their careers.
  • Recruitment agencies and hiring managers are seeking Linux talent more than any other skill. Linux shoots up to the comfortable number one spot.

I am encouraged that companies are recognizing more and more each day that open source technology is the way to advance their businesses.

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at Linux Foundation


So what happens when training and certifications grow in importance this fast? – that’s the question on your mind. Elementary dear Watson. Here’s your answer.

High demand is contagious. When demand is high, those who can supply the goods earn rewards. People familiar with open source systems and possessing Linux certifications are at a premium.

No matter where you’re at it’s great to know that you’ve gained the insight to make an informed decision. When it comes to your learning journey, you’re on top of your game.

  • Today marks the start of a great journey ahead.
    If you don’t have a Linux certification, today marks the day of an exciting journey ahead. Take charge of your career. We’ll help you get started.
  • Don’t get too comfy in your sweet spot.
    If you have already achieved Linux certifications, the sky’s the limit, it’s time to capitalise on your worth and continue to invest in your own learning journey. LPIC-2 Linux Engineer should be high on your agenda because this practice-intensive course will allow you to demonstrate knowledge of RAID, Web/DNS/Mail Servers, File Systems, the Linux Kernel and more (cool stuff), which will make sure that your CV remains gold.

You’ve got this.We’ve got your back. Get right to it. #RaiseYourGame

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