#5 reasons why designers should learn to code.


In an article published by Wired, seasoned technologist John Maeda states that ‘if you want to survive in design, you better learn to code’. He goes on by saying that the best designers think outside the box and constantly seek to innovate – and learning new skills is all part of this. So if you’re an up and coming design superstar hungry to score a dream career with a global brand – read on.

  1. Understanding how developers would approach implementing your design will help keep it easy for them to work with, save time, and prevent any unnecessary reworks.
  2. It’s great for a developer and designer to share skills because then they can use the same vocabulary. Anything that improves communication is a good idea.
  3. Understanding the basics of development will help you take in consideration things that you might have otherwise overlooked such as loading times, code complexity and code maintenance. Some concepts might look great visually, but they’re simply not reasonable to implement.
  4. Learning to code will give you the power to turn your designs into fully working prototypes that can be used as a starting point for apps and systems.
  5. Ultimately and most importantly, learning code helps you make better design decisions.

So to sum it up – A person can design without coding; however, learning to code is definitely an added bonus which will help you become a better designer and make you more attractive to top brands looking to employ the next big design hotshot.

HTML defines the basic structure of a web document, while CSS defines how it’s presented, in terms of things like layout, colour and fonts. Complex interactions and animation are usually created in JavaScript, which is more advanced, although as it continues to develop, some of these tasks can now be accomplished using CSS. Fancy some spoon-feeding? Check out the MySuccess Website Designer Associate study programme it will definitely intrigue you and you’ll probably enrol before you know it.

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