ICE Malta secures 2 out of 20 places in the Cisco NetRiders 2015 Finals.

Celebrating the best Cisco NetRiders 2015 success to date, ICE Malta student Pavel Roth has been titled Cisco NetRiders 2015 Mediterranean Champion in Round 2 of this prestigious international competition and has placed in the Top 20 list together with ICE Malta student Melchior Vella. Both, will be representing Malta as national champions and have…
  • It was my first time experience at ICE Malta and it was great, definitely I would consider ICE Malta again.
    Adrian Farrugia, Java SE7 Programmer I, January 2015,
  • It was a great learning experience especially since it consisted of hands on programming in class. The class notes and resources are particularly helpful and easy to follow. The Android Application Development course provided me with the necessary knowledge of the subject, such that I can now continue reading and learning on my own.
    Stephen Abela, Android Application Development, October 2014,
  • An educational and fascinating experience.
    Liam Laus, MTA Software Development, October 2014,
  • This has been my first experience as an ICE Malta student and it will definitely not be the last. The flow of the course I attended was well paced, the educator's preparation top notch. Learned a lot and enjoyed it!
    Charlemagne Caruana, Java SE7 Programmer I, January 2015,
  • I attended the Database Management System course, the quality of the training was exceptional. The educator gave the class a lot more information then what was part of the curriculum. 
    Dario De Sousa Brito, Database Development, August 2014,
  • Online material is very useful and very accurate. I would choose ICE Malta over other local institutions any day! 
    Ryan Scerri, Cisco PC Technician, August 2014,
  • The educator was very helpful. Next year I will surely take other courses at ICE  Malta.  
    Keith Galea, PHP Advanced, August 2014,
  • I was happy with the Diploma in Digital Marketing course as I think it will assist me strongly to build my company's digital strategy
    Brian Cremona, Diploma in Digital Marketing, September 2014,
  • I had great time learning at this institute, the educators and staff were very helpful in anything students needed. 
    Malik Atwair, MTA Software Development, October 2014,
  • Definitely one of the best institutes on the island. Labs are great, equipment is probably the best you can get while the staff and educators know their way around. I just finished my Game Designer course and must say I am more than satisfied with the knowledge acquired. Special thanks goes to both educators who have gone out of their way to teach us.
    Lee Ellis, MySuccess Game Designer, November 2014,
  • ICE Malta is a fantastic learning institute. The staff are amazing and have the latest technology. Thanks for excellent service.
    Peter Paul Caruana, MTA Software Development, October 2014,
  • I have attended courses at other schools around Malta. ICE Malta was the most professional and offered the most friendly environment.
    Bernard Buhagiar, PHP Advanced, September 2014,
  • Would highly recommend ICE Malta! Looking forward to start other courses in the near future.
    Jurgen Baldacchino, MySuccess Graphic Designer Associate, November 2014,
  • This was the best course I have taken and far better than other courses and classes I've been to. I learnt more and was very happy and satisfied. The educator was well informed with the course topics. I'm sure I would have never learnt this much anywhere else.
    Filofteia Galea, MySuccess Graphic Designer Associate, September 2014,
  • Being a novice to Microsoft project the educator was excellent at disseminating the relevant knowledge to students on the course, I would highly recommend ICE Malta to anyone looking to start an IT course.
    Dale Thiedeman, Microsoft Project 2010, February 2014,
  • Very happy with the course I took here. Originally, I was a bit unsure of what to expect as I had never done anything to do with programming at all at school but the content of the course and the way in which the educator presented it was extremely easy to follow. Coming for lessons at ICE Malta, never felt as if it was a chore.  
    Chris Brinch-Iversen, Java SE7 Programmer I, August 2014,
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