Funding for LPIC-1launched. Briefing Session date announced

The ICE Malta Academic Team will be hosting a Briefing Session on Monday 12th January 2015 for prospective students who would like to enrol for the LPIC-1 Study Programme starting in the upcoming semester (February 2015). During the 30minute session the ICE Malta team will give a presentation regarding this prestigious certification, share details regarding…
  • A very worthwhile investment! The insight gained from attending the boot camp helped gain expert tips for marketing channels where I already felt confident, and helped to provide a solid understanding and confidence in performing tasks using digital marketing channels which I may have struggled to grasp and perform prior to the course. "
    Calvin Briffa, E-Commerce Executive Gagliardi, Diploma in Digital Marketing, May 2014,
  • I found ICE Malta to be the best choice for any anyone furthering there studies whether full time or part time. Highly recommended.
    Marc Cachia, Diploma in Digital Marketing, May 2014,
  • The practical concepts and tools shared during the course have enabled me to master digital platforms in digital campaigns &hence maximise the return on investment for the benefit of our organisations.
    Owen Micallef, Classic Group, Sales & Marketing Manager, Diploma in Digital Marketing, March 2014,
  • This course; from lecturer, facilities and training material was excellent, by far exceeded my expectations
    Casey Muscat, Microsoft Project, May 2014,
  • The CCNA Routing & Switching course is really vast, but our tutor is really making it easy for us to learn and understand so many concepts. I never thought learning was such fun! 
    Antonio Casingena, CCNA Routing & Switching, April 2014,
  • The course was well organized and really convenient for us. It was really good value for money. 
    Mika Tanninen, PHP Advanced, May 2014,
  • Rarely do classes manage to be educational and fun, ICE Malta classes manage to do so! 
    Chris Ellul, AutoCAD, April 2014,
  • Great people, great place, great experience!
    Joseph Anthony Zammit, AutoCAD, April 2014,
  • Another awesome experience, learning made easy. The tutor really knows his stuff
    Mr McCarthy, Website Development, April 2014,
  • I felt that it was a very educational and fun experience which enhanced my knowledge about gaming. I was inspired. It was great, getting to know other people who I never met before. There was a time for everything - we worked, we played and we cracked jokes together. Probably the best computer institution on the Maltese Islands. There was a stimulating environment and instead of letting summer go by I was productive from a creative point of view. A fantastic adventure!
    Mr A. Thake,KODU Game Development, September 2013
  • It was a very beautiful experience and I had fun with the people in the class. Instead of spending the summer at home I attended this course and had lots of fun.

    Mr Debono, KODU Game Development, July 2013,
  • I think this course was really interesting and I reached my goal. The tutor presented the lessons really well and I have learnt everything I needed to know.

    Ms Callus, PC Technician by CISCO, September 2013,
  • Overall brilliant experience! I have always wanted to find an affordable and good course that will help me in my career to become a Computer Technician and I will be continuing with you guys for further studies and achievements and hope that all lecturers in the future with ICE are Awesome like the PC Technician tutor! 

    Mr Marshall, PC Technician by CISCO, September 2013,
  • Enjoyed my studies at ICE Malta and the knowledge that was given to me.

    Ms Cutajar Clarke, PC Technician by CISCO, September 2013,
  • I have learnt a lot from this course and I will find it very useful in the future. I would like to thank ICE Malta and Cisco for a wonderful experience.

    Mr A. Polidano, IT Essentials by CISCO, September 2013,
  • It was a brilliant experience. I think it was good that we weren't too spoon fed and that we learned both NXT and Java. It was a course that teaches young children who want to learn something as complex as robotics but makes it easier and safer. Good Job ICE Malta! 

    Ms D. Zammit, Robotics, July 2013,
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